Workshops & Short Courses for Educators

Granta Workshops and Short Courses are an opportunity to set aside a little time to dig in to CES EduPack in depth, to share teaching ideas, and find out what others are doing at their universities. Meet with members of our Teaching Resource Team and go through lecture units and hands-on demos created by Professor Mike Ashby. Email us to enquire or request:

Short Courses: We run open Short Courses at the Materials Education Symposia conferences in Cambridge, the US, and Singapore, and at other venues in Europe and North America. We are also happy to run bespoke Short Courses for your institution, or for groups of universities that are located close together. Many universities find this a useful opportunity to coordinate courses across the curriculum. The courses are hands-on and designed to allow a lot of time for discussion and Q&A so that we can learn from each other. A typical agenda can be seen here »

Tailored to the group of Educators that attend, all courses start with the basics to get everyone up to speed. The agenda can then focus on the following themes:

– "Materials Selection"
– "Materials and Processes"
– "Design and Sustainability"
– "Materials and the Environment"
– "Materials and Design"

Workshops at Conferences: We run well-received 2-3 hour workshops on Materials Selection, Eco Design, or Sustainable Development at key conferences throughout the year. Examples have included at the ASEE, Euromat, TMS, and MRS conferences. If you are a conference organiser and think these topics would fit your program, get in touch.

Sustainable Development Workshop

We have run our Sustainable Development Workshop at conferences and as a stand-alone event for groups of Materials Educators. It provides an enlightening venue for getting to grips with this complex subject.

The Sustainable Development Workshop is a two-hour long interactive workshop that enables educators to go through a 5 step methodology for analyzing Sustainable Development articulations in the context of Materials. This methodology is described in detail in the white paper by Mike Ashby and Didac Ferrer "Materials and Sustainable Development" . It is also described in Mike Ashby's book "Materials and Sustainable Development". The workshop has two parts, each with a group work element, in the first an example is given and in the second the groups are expected to analyze a similar but not the same case using the methodology learnt in part 1.