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Why is Materials Education important?

Materials Science and Engineering links many different disciplines.  It is a bridge between designers, who use materials, and scientists, who devise and develop new ones. It deals with the physical stuff of which everything is made, and thus connects engineering and scientific concepts with the real world of products and people. It is critical to our survival in an increasingly technology and material-dependent world.

"Why is Materials Education important?" 5 min video gives an overview of how Granta Design provides resources and support for anyone teaching materials or related topics across the full range of disciplines in engineering, science, and design.

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Our task, as instructors, is to inspire students to learn about Materials Science and Engineering.  As the quotation above suggests, that is best achieved through their involvement.  The CES EduPack suite of resources, methods, and databases is designed to contribute to this involvement, both at a simple level (exploring materials and their properties) and a more advance level (design of new materials, Eco-audits of products, analysis of projects for Sustainable Development).  We feel that much more can be done to move the teaching of Materials beyond the “teach me” phase to the “involve me” future. 

  • Sharing projects, resources and experience,
  • Sharing experience of new approaches to teaching such as:
    • The “Flipped Classroom” approach
    • Activity-based projects
    • Role-playing as a tool for Sustainability analysis
    • The development of on-line courses (MOOCs)

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