Teaching Package: Active-learning ToolKit - Sustainable Development

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  • Teaching Package: Active-learning ToolKit - Sustainable Development


    This Active-learning Tool Kit was developed to support the teaching about sustainable development and subsequently refined after a survey of more than 200 academics. The Tool Kit is suitable for courses at the bachelor or master level and works well with interdisciplinary groups. The exercises are well-suited both for a short workshop and for integration within a course. At its core is a 5-step methodology for assessing proposed sustainable development, introduced in a PowerPoint lecture unit provided with the Tool Kit. The methodology was validated in a number of workshops in Europe and the USA and is described in detail in the textbook "Materials and Sustainable Development" (Ashby et. all. 2015). The Tool Kit includes a set of templates, handouts and exercises with worked solutions to support teaching of the complex subject of Sustainable Development. It is further supported by the CES EduPack Sustainable Development Edition which is helpful but not essential for the implementation of the method.

    The Tool Kit has eight Main Parts provided as PDF files: Introduction and content, Method, Handouts, assembled Case Studies, Micro-projects, Instructor Experiences, Templates and Check Lists and Information about the CES EduPack Sustainability Database. The Case Studies provide detailed and clear guidelines on how to apply this methodology to variety of sustainability topics (biopolymers, electric vehicles, wind farms, low carbon concrete and others).

    Here you can find more detailed information on case Studies with lecture units:
    (1) Electric vehicles; (2) Polymers; (3) Energy; (4) Built environment; (5) Electric appliances

    Legislation, Materials, Methodology, Teaching Package, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, 2017

    Author/s | Institution: Mike Ashby, Tatiana Vakhitova | Granta Design
    Format | Language | Year : ZIP | English | 2017
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