Resource Development

We are a small team, working with Mike Ashby, and collaborators around the world, to produce quality teaching resources to support materials education. Our aim is to provide stimulating ideas, as well as useful resources.
  We develop:
  • Databases editions within CES EduPack.
  • Extra databases that you can download.
  • Other teaching resources to support Materials Education.
  • CES EduPack open video tutorials.
  • Working with well-respected academics, attending engineering education conferences and getting feedback from people who use CES EduPack, helps us to produce up-to-date, relevant resources.

    We also support people that use CES EduPack by offering quarterly Case Study Inspiration sessions for Educators and Researchers.

    Is there a project you think we could work on together? We can offer a stimulating multicultural working environment. Contact us about visiting and/or working in our office in Cambridge, UK.

      We are currently working with:
  • Stéphane Gorsse of Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux and of Bordeaux INP on a Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) database and associated teaching resources.

  • Ways that you can give us feedback:
  • Use the contact us form to let us know your thoughts and ideas.
  • Look at the databases we have in development, download them and fill in a survey.
  • Speak to us at an Engineering Education conferences.
  • Click submit feature request in the CES EduPack software.

  • What we are working on:
  • Resources for "Introduction to Materials".
  • New databases.
  • Sustainable Development teaching resources.
  • Learning tools within the Edupack.
  • Finding out how CES EduPack is used.

  • Have you created and used something in your teaching that is worth sharing with the 1000+ universities that use CES EduPack? We enjoy seeing what you have done and are happy to be able to share resources across our community.Resources in languages other than English are particularly useful. Contact us here.

    We are looking for talented people from a variety of backgrounds to join our company as we build on success. We have passion for materials, a love of engineering, and a talent for software. You could be one of us! Join us here and make a material difference.