Exercises: Material Science and Engineering

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  • Exercises: Material Science and Engineering


    Learning by discovery is more effective (and much more fun) than simply remembering what you're told. These CES EduPack-based exercises are designed to guide discovery, provoke thinking and stimulate self-learning.

    There are relationships between material properties, some easily explained, others so complex that they are not yet fully understood. Exploring relationships between material properties brings a deeper understanding of the physics that underlies the properties themselves. And it brings a "feel" for material property-values, valuable to engineers and designers, giving them a sense of when material property-values should be questioned and an ability to estimate property-values when no direct measurements are available.

    The exercises are in 4 groups, each group centred on one of the top-level data-tables in the CES EduPack Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) database.

    Atomic, Callister, Conductivity, CrystalStructure, Deformation, Density, Dislocations, Electrical, Elements, Energy, Hardness, Heat treatment, Introductory, Magnetic, Microstructure, Nuclear, Optical, PhaseDiagram, Processes, Resistivity, 2017

    Author/s | Institution: Mike Ashby | Granta Design | 2017
    Format | Language | Year : ZIP | English | 2017
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