Case Study: Truck Trailer Lightweighting

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  • Case Study: Truck Trailer Lightweighting


    The aim of this resource is to support advanced teaching of technical design where real-life applications are desirable. In this case study, we have investigated the lightweighting of a truck trailer.

    Inspired by research, we studied the performance of a sandwich panel replacing hardwood or plywood. The Hybrid synthesis is described in detail and the result is then compared with actual woods used in trailers. An Eco Audit comparison is made before and after lightweighting and the economic benefits are estimated using the Enhanced Eco Audit.

    Latest, CES EduPack, Education, Advanced, Automotive, Composites, Eco Design, Environment, Fuel, Hybrids, Industrial, Materials, Teaching, Transport, Woods, 2017

    Author/s | Institution: Claes Fredriksson and Joel Galos
    Format | Language | Year : PDF | English | 2017
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