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  • Paper: CES EduPack Database for Bulk Functional Materials
    Mike Ashby, Tim Davies, Stephane Gorsse | Granta Design, Bordeaux INP and ICMCB
  • Paper: CES EduPack for Eco Design
    Mike Ashby, Andew Miller, F. Rutter, Ulrike G.K. Wegst | Granta Design
  • Paper: Materials and Sustainable Development
    Mike Ashby, Didac Ferrer, Jennifer Bruce | Granta Design, Universitat politecnica de Catalunya
  • Paper: Shackelford-based Courses and CES EduPack
    Mike Ashby, Hannah Melia, James Shackelford, Arlindo Silva | Granta Design
  • Paper: Teaching Engineering Materials
    Mike Ashby, Dave Cebon, Arlindo Silva | Granta Design
  • Paper: The CES EduPack Eco Audit Tool
    Mike Ashby, Nick Ball, Charlie Bream | Granta Design
  • Paper: The CES EduPack Products, Materials and Processes Database
    Magda Figuerola, Qiuying Lai, Mike Ashby | Granta Design
  • Paper: The Elements Database
    Claes Fredriksson, Kyozo Arimoto, Mike Ashby | Granta Design
  • Paper: The use of CES EduPack at all levels of Higher Education
    Arlindo Silva, Mike Ashby, Hannah Melia | Granta Design
  • Paper: Using CES EduPack on a Callister based course
    Mike Ashby, Hannah Melia, Arlindo Silva | Granta Design
  • Guide: The Hybrid Synthesizer - Model Writer's Guide
    Nick Ball, Charlie Bream, James Bateson | Granta Design