Case Study: Materials for a Tablet Device

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  • Case Study: Materials for a Tablet Device


    Consumer electronics has a huge impact on the global economy, the environment, and people's daily lives. More than a billion mobile phones are sold every year, and laptops and tablets are not far behind.

    In this case study, we explore several aspects of the materials in a tablet device with a generic bill-of-materials. CES EduPack is used to benchmark options for the backplate casing from a mechanical and sustainability perspective. All with the design of real-world products in mind.

    Case Study Unit: Materials for a Tablet Device.

    Last, Advanced, Aluminium, CES EduPack, Education, Environment, Glasses, Materials, Polymers, Product Design, Sustainability, Teaching, 2017

    Author/s | Institution: Claes Fredriksson and Luca Petruccelli
    Format | Language | Year : PDF | English | 2017
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