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  • Lecture Unit 12: Eco design and the Eco Audit tool
    Mike Ashby | Granta Design | 2018
  • Paper: Materials and Sustainable Development
    Mike Ashby, Didac Ferrer, Jennifer Bruce | Granta Design, Universitat politecnica de Catalunya
  • Paper: The CES EduPack Products, Materials and Processes Database
    Magda Figuerola, Qiuying Lai, Mike Ashby | Granta Design
  • Paper: Material Risk and Corporate Sustainability
    Mike Ashby, Tatiana Vakhitova | Granta Design
  • Paper: Teaching Materials with CES EduPack
    Hannah Melia, Magda Figuerola, Claes Fredriksson | Granta Design
  • Paper: Tradition and Innovation in the Education of Materials for Engineering Students in the 21st Century
    Mike Ashby, Arlindo Silva, Hannah Melia, Ana Pereira-Medrano, Marc Fry | Granta Design