Case Studies: CES EduPack - Thermo-Mechanical 2017

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  • Case Studies: CES EduPack - Thermo-Mechanical 2017


    These case studies provide examples of materials selection for Thermo-mechanical applications. They include background information and further reading as well as taking a student through the process of determining constraints and objectives and translating them in to performance indices and instructions that CES EduPack can understand. They are based on case studies provided in the book Materials Selection for Mechanical Design.

    Ceramics, Classification, Conductivity, Constraints, Design, Diffusion, Function, Minerals & Stone, Objectives, Performance Indices, Ranking, Resistivity, Selection, Technical Ceramics, Temperature, Thermal, 2017

    Author/s | Institution: Mike Ashby | Granta Design
    Format | Language | Year : PDF | English | 2017
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