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  • Lecture Unit 7. Material Selection
    Mike Ashby | Granta Design | 2017
  • Lecture Unit 8. Objectives in conflict
    Mike Ashby | Granta Design | 2017
  • Case Studies: Materials for a Tablet Device
    Claes Fredriksson and Luca Petruccelli
  • Paper: Teaching Engineering Materials
    Mike Ashby, Dave Cebon, Arlindo Silva | Granta Design
  • Case Studies: Automotive Door Panel Case
    Claes Fredriksson, Charlie Bream | Granta Design
  • Paper: Manipulating Properties: Charts, microstructure and processing
    Hugh Shercliff, Mike Ashby | Dept of Engineering, Cambridge University
  • Paper: Teaching Materials with CES EduPack
    Hannah Melia, Magda Figuerola, Claes Fredriksson | Granta Design